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A Royal Birthday Party

Cost: $150
includes 3 Characters for 1 hour up to 15 miles travel from Batesville, IN

$25 each for additional Characters
$50 travel fee for 15-40 miles from Batesville, IN

Fill out the Contract Below to get start booking your party now!
We will contact you shortly to confirm your preferences.

Party Contract

$150 Price includes 3 characters for 1 hour. Additional characters may be added for an additional $25 each. We will try very hard to get your preferred characters to your party; however, sometimes a character is not available on the selected date.
Please select at least 3 activities you would like the characters to provide for your party. Meet and Greet and Photo Ops are standard for all parties. We will bring the supplies necessary for these activities. If more than 3 are selected, we will choose 3 from your selections.

Thanks for submitting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we try to answer all of your questions up front, sometimes we forget something. Below are some of the questions we hear often….


Why can’t I have the party at my house? The teens that portray the characters are doing so to raise money for their mission trip this summer. Since they are part of a church group there are liability issues that could arise by going to strangers’ homes. We want to keep our teens safe from any potential harm.


What is the TriForce Mission Team? The TriForce Mission Team is made up of high school youth from Catholic Churches in the Batesville area who are preparing for a mission trip this summer. The mission team usually travels 4-6 hours away from the Batesville area for the trip and costs about $750 per person for travel expenses, workcamp fees, food, and many other trip expenses.


Do you have suggestions for a good location for my party? If you are a member of the YMCA, check to see if they have a meeting room available the day you would like to have your party. Also, some local restaurants are very good at letting you have a party in their private dining rooms. Other places some of our hosts have held their parties are community buildings and church meeting rooms.


How far ahead should I schedule my party and select a date? As soon as possible! We only have a few dates available at a time due to the teens’ sports, academic, and family schedules. These dates fill up quickly!


Should I schedule my party on a weekend? Our teens are in school during the week and we want to make sure they are able to keep up with their school work, so weekends are the preferred days for our characters.


Why is there a $50 fee to travel outside the Batesville Area? This is for time and travel. We recognize that the teens work, have family commitments, and participate in sports and other activities and that their time is valuable. The chaperone will also have to take extra time from her/his day and family to accompany the teens.


Why is the cost so much less than other similar services in the area? Although the teens that portray characters are very good and love to interact with children, they are not paid actors. They promise to do their best to entertain your guests! We have had many compliments on the professionalism and talent of our teens. We also strive to keep our characters looking as realistic as possible. We know you will be happy and hope you enjoy the $350 savings!


Do I need to provide anything for the party? Just a table if you have selected any of the crafts or nail painting for your party. We will bring all of the supplies for the activities. Please make sure your guest count is current so we bring the right amount of supplies and no one gets left out! You may also want to provide your guests with snacks and cake.


May I combine my party with my friend’s party? We ask that you keep your party to a maximum of 20 guests. When there are more than 20, each guest does not have as much time with the characters. A larger guest list will also cause the activities to last longer and the guests may not get to do all of them. Please remember that this is a fundraiser for the teens and that doubling up on parties is counteractive to our purpose.


What else should I know before my party? Please make sure to let us know if there are any potential hazards at your party. Please have all guests refrain from using drugs, alcohol, or weapons during the time our characters are present. If there are any pets or smoking at your party, we will need to know that up front due to allergies. Please let us know if there are any guests who may be mentally unstable or who might be a risk to our teens. Also, most of our costumes are a one-of-a-kind. We ask that the children refrain from pulling or hanging on the costumes.


Do you have any other events throughout the year when we can visit the characters? Yes! Each year the TriForce Mission Team hosts a Royal Ball right here in Batesville! It is held at the St. Louis Catholic School Activity Center. Please check here for the next Royal Ball date at or send an email to for questions.

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