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Meet Our Chaperones

Be A Chaperone!

These mission trips would not be possible without great chaperones!


We do try to keep our chaperones from year to year as much as possible and for good reason! The mission team is a close-knit group. Over the course of a year, the team bonds through team building events, fundraisers, meetings, and service projects. By the end of the week-long mission trip, the team has become a family. The teens usually have nicknames for the adults (such as "Momma Duck" or "Auntie Kim"). We believe this is a great benefit to the teens to have adults they can come to with their struggles or to just ask important questions.


It is also important for the organizing, planning, and leading of the mission team year as well as the trip itself. Each year, the adults plan out everything from fundraising to organizing the 1/2 day activity! All adult chaperones are expected to help with various tasks throughout the year. This is what helps make the fundraisers, service projects, meetings, and the trip itself run smoothly and successfully. 


Every so often one or two of our adult chaperones must step back for various reasons. Therefore, we need new dynamic adults to help step into their roles. If you think this is for you, please fill out the form below and let us know you are interested. We will then determine our current need and let you know. This year, we have had an overwhelming response from parents wanting to go and will need to make some tough decisions. ​ 

Women Volunteers

If you have a flexible schedule, a love of Christ, a desire to help teens grow closer to Christ, can sleep on a classroom floor, live on less than 6 hours of sleep, take cold (or burning hot) showers, digest cafeteria food, work in the hot sun or pouring rain, and enjoy being around people 24/7, please apply below. Please note that chaperone spots are limited and not every adult who applies will have a spot.

Chaperone with our Team!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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