Important Information for the Team

Below are some helpful downloads, documents, and other important information you may need this year. Please check this section often as there may be new information added as it becomes available. Please email us at [email protected] if you have ideas for other information you would like to see on this page. 

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How do I earn money for my trip account?
We are a TEAM!
TriForce Mission TEAM is a team. Like all teams, whether it's a sports team, academic team, or any other team, you must make the practices to play in the game. All team members are required to make the monthly meetings and to attend events and fundraisers. The meetings help prepare everyone physically, mentally, and spiritually. The events help build friendships. The fundraisers help afford your trip expenses. 
Account funds can be earned in 3 ways. Most families choose to participate fully in all fundraisers. This also helps the team learn to work together and build friendships. To learn how we keep track of your fundraiser points, click here . Another way to add money to your account is through sponsorship. Ask friends, family, co-workers, etc. to help sponsor you with a tax-deductible donation to put toward your trip account. To download a donation letter click here. The last option is to write a check for the entire balance of your account. This would exempt you from fundraisers, however, you would still need to come to all meetings.
Important Documents
What are
Care Cards?

New downloads will be available as needed. Please let us know if there is a document you think would be helpful to have.

Care Cards are positive notes that campers write to their youth group, crew, and other people they meet at camp. Paper slips are provided at camp, but you are welcome to bring your own paper or stationary for a personal touch. Make sure you start on your care cards early so you have time to deliver them all to the care card rack by Friday night at midnight! You will get your envelope of care cards Saturday on the ride home. Click here to see what Teddy and Fluffy have to say about care cards.

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